Thursday, October 13, 2011


What is life without a little inspiration now and again?  Hopefully, occasionally I'll say something to someone that may inspire them .  . .  And, I look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere .  .  .  

So, yesterday, at the gym, I was planning to do cardio, abs, and arms .  .  .  I not only did that, but was on the receiving end of some serious inspiration .  .  . 

Case one .  .  .  A young man I've known for a few years is opening his own fitness facility next week, and he has a terrific, optimistic outlook on life .  .  .  I love that!  I hope he's wildly successful .  .  .  He's planning to offer a wide range of options for clients .  .  .  He knows I meditate, and have taught meditation to individuals and groups .  .  .  It seems, he wants to offer meditation, and asked if I'd do it .  .  .  I might, or might not .  .  .  I spend so much time out of town that really, it might not work . . . But the point is, this young man will do VERY well .  .  . 

Case two .  .  .  One of my gym buds is in his early thirties, and looks the picture of health .  .  .  It's been tough for him .  .  .  He injured his back badly a decade ago, and has had surgery .  .  .  After the injury, because of the pain, he drank heavily and went crazy with prescription pain killers .  .  .  He became addicted to alcohol and drugs .  .  .  He's long since over that, but there's more .  .  .  He has two daughters with his ex-wife .  .  .  Now he's dealing with a condition that might be MS, or something else . . . This man has such a positive outlook, it's incredible . . . He said, I want to inspire people, I want to be there for my daughters when they graduate, and walk them down the isle .  .  .  When he tells me what's happening (he spent significant time in the hospital last weekend), he isn't complaining . . .

Case three .  .  .  Someone I occasionally spot for, and another gym bud, won in his category at a national bodybuilding competition last weekend .  .  .  Atta boy Steve!!  

So yes, without question, life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .


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Anonymous said...

Very inspiring. That reminds me I gotta go to the gym.