Friday, January 14, 2011

Ciao baby!

This is my last post until I don't know when .  .  .  If you're interested in my writing, please feel free to check back every week or two .  .  .  You never know when Snake might slide back in with some words of wisdom .  .  .  Could be next week, or could be this is the end .  .  .  We never know, do we?  That's life .  .  .  yeah, it is .  .  .  Nothing is certain, except uncertainty .  .  .   It's been a blast!

As the sign says, life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love to you all .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What? I'm now an Aquarian?

Apparently I am, because some astrologers are telling us our signs are changing .  .  .  The dates are changing, and there's a 13th sign .  .  .  Why, you ask?  Because the Earth's alignment in space has changed over a few thousand years .  .  .  Also, the signs overlap at each end of each cycle and the signs vary in length .  .  .  Confusing, huh? 

The new dates are:

Aries  April 18-May 13
Taurus  May 13-June 21
Gemini  June 21-July 20
Cancer July 20-August 10
Leo  August 10-September 16
Virgo September 16-October 30
Libra October 30-November 23
Scorpio  November 23-November 29
Ophiuchus  November 29-December 17
Sagittarius  December 17-January 20
Capricorn  January 20-February 16
Aquarius February 16-March 11
Pisces  March 11-April 18

Here's the link .  .  .

Personally, I quite liked being a FISH!  Well, as far as I'm concerned, I still am!  Hah!

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

Learning to fly . . .

Yesterday I talked about Embracing the Path, and it felt good to describe something of my Journey on the spiritual plane .  .  .  However, no matter how far along I or anyone else travels down the spiritual path, we're always learning .  .  .  We learn to fly, and then when we get airborne, we learn to do it a little better as time goes on .  .  .  It's never perfected, and there's always room for improvement .  .  .  

I'll let you in on secret .  .  .  I can screw up with the best of them .  .  .  Yeah, I mean really fuck things up .  .  .  We're all human, and we can't ever escape that reality .  .  .  If ever someone puts himself above the fray, be sceptical of that person .  .  .  Perfection does NOT exist .  .  .  

Every once in a while, I throw out a big apology to the Universe, asking that anyone who've I've offended or hurt  forgive me .  .  .  Of course, there's always the chance they won't, and if that's their choice, I just have to deal with that .  .  .  The other side of the forgiveness coin is that I have to forgive others as well .  .  .  I can't hold grudges while I'm asking for forgiveness .  .  .  It just doesn't work that way .  .  .  I also have to forgive myself .  .  .  You know what?  Forgiving oneself is hard sometimes .  .  .  I really believe that it's more difficult than forgiving another human being .  .  .  I do struggle with that at times .  .  .  Like many people, I tend to be hard on myself .  .  .  It's one of those things I constantly have to work on .  .  .  I forgive others pretty well, but myself?  That's the tough one .  .  .  I know some of you can relate!

So, to anyone I've offended lately or ever, I sincerely apologize to you!  I hope you'll find it within your spirit to forgive me .  .  .  Because if you do, it'll be a little easier for me to forgive myself .  .  .  Thanks for listening .  .  .

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Embracing the Path . . .

As stated in my profile, I'm full-out on a spiritual path .  .  .  Without question, that quest will continue for the duration .  .  .  Really, it's hard for me to fathom where I am and how it all came to this point .  .  .  It's one of the things I'm grateful for, because life is beautiful baby!

Where did it begin?  I'll say this .  .  .  As far back as I can go, I've always felt different in some way from others .  .  .  As a young child, one doesn't have the words or the experience to articulate that feeling .  .  .  Growing into the teenage years, I KNEW I was different .  .  .  Don't misunderstand though .  .  .  On the surface, I was pretty typical .  .  .  Wanted to be a fireman, cowboy, train engineer as a child .  .  .  Good athlete, horny as hell, lusting after girls, having girlfriends, all the usual stuff of a teenage male .  .  .  But inside, I was beginning to understand what was different .  .  .  I had strong spiritual inclinations, although no such religious inclinations .  .  .  No interest in religion whatsoever, because I saw it as empty and offering me nothing .  .  .  So, I read some things here and there, but really didn't know which direction to go .  .  .  I was all over the place and confused, didn't know who to ask, or even what to ask if I had known someone .  .  .  

Then, in my third year of university, I met an individual through a mutual friend, and we began to carpool to and from the U .  .  .  One day it was just he and I and he had a book he was reading .  .  .  It was  Autobiography of a Yogi .  .  .  He was just finishing it, and talked about it .  .  .  It was as if my brain exploded during that conversation, because I knew immediately that was what I was looking for, what I needed, something to propel me forward .  .  .  Finally!  I read the book, and intuitively felt that this is the launching pad for me .  .  . It provided some direction, the right thing at the right time .  .  .  Beginning to explore other areas and books, I felt very much "at home" in that pursuit .  .  .  I began to meditate, which was a huge factor and motivated me further .  .  . 

However, it wasn't a smooth rise to the top .  .  .  Not at all!  Multiple times over the years, I'd step away, then be pulled back to the path .  .  .  Now I look back and see that stepping away, distancing myself from the path at times, was necessary .  .  .  It was all so intense, and the dust had to settle .  .  .  When it did, I'd jump back into it, and it would be even better, more intense still .  .  .  And that's been the pattern .  .  .  Make progress, step away, make more progress, and so on .  .  .  In a way, that still happens today, but it's in a different way than it was then .  .  .  

Ten years ago, I took a close look at what was happening .  .  .  I felt somewhat frustrated that something was still missing .  .  .  I cranked up the meditation, thinking that would help, and in a way, it did .  .  .  Still, I knew something was lacking .  .  .  But what?  One day, it occurred to me in a flash of insight .  .  .  I realized what was missing .  .  .  What was missing was my commitment!  I thought I was fully committed, but I wasn't .  .  . There were still some doubts that I wasn't acknowledging .  .  .  There was only one route to go to move forward, and that was to fully commit .  .  .   It was time to embrace everything about it, and resist nothing .  .  .  To trust the Universe and go with it .  .  .  Trust that I'll be given exactly what I need when I need it, or when I'm ready to handle it .  .  .  Whatever IT is, it would come my way, right time, right place .  .  .  In truth, I've been blindsided many times by the right thing at the right time in the right place .  .  .  It's just freaking unbelievable how that constantly happens!  

I'm really talking about blind trust .  .  .  I TRUSTED .  .  .  I was finally ready to .  .  .  And Holy Mother, the Universe has delivered .  .  .  What's different?  Life has a flow and feeling of ease .  .  .  Of course there are challenges, and let's face it, shit happens to everyone .  .  .  But, when it does, there's no anxiety, no imagining worst case scenarios, no panic .  .  .  I just deal with it, and it works out .  .  .  It might not work out as I expect it to, because sometimes our expectations are not realistic .  .  .  So, now I try to avoid expectations of outcomes .  .  .  Just TRUST that all will be resolved in time, and it always is .  .  .  Be in the moment as much as possible, and remember that life is beautiful baby .  .  .  And listen to my intuition, the voice .  .  .

My feeling is that so many people are like me, craving something on a deeper level, but not knowing where to go, what to do, who to talk to .  .  .  So, they repress it, or else, simply ignore it .  .  .  And, I'm convinced there's also fear of the spiritual path .  .  .  Will I lose my friends?  Will romantic relationships suffer?  Will sex decline?  Will I be ostracized?  Those are things that can inspire fear, because who wants their life turned upside down?  What I can say is that we begin to recognize who is and who isn't valuable in our life .  .  .  Yes, some of my relationships changed .  .  .  Some ended .  .  .  But it was all for the best, because those relationships either had to change or had to end, for my own benefit .  .  .  I saw the real truth in things, MY truth, and I knew what I had to do .  .  .  My perception of MANY things changed .  .  .  Thoughts, emotions and behaviors change along with perceptions .  .  .  Stress is reduced and happiness increases .  .  .  But, it's the happiness generated within, at our core .  .  .  We don't need external input to make us happy .  .  .  That may ADD to happiness, but it doesn't create it .  .  .  One wakes up to one's true nature!  In turn, our vibration changes and that has a subtle but profound effect on people around us .  .  .  We take that vibration everywhere we go .  .  . 

I began to listen more closely to the voice of intuition, because I know that often that voice is from a higher source .  .  .  That voice will speak to all of us if we're open to it and listen to it .  .  .  I'm not any more special in that sense than anyone .  .  .  The voice is there for everyone .  .  .

I'm well aware that some will read this and the reaction will be, Hey, this guy is a nutcase and where's that white jacket with the wrap-around sleeves?  And never come back to this blog again .  .  .  And that's OK!  I'm not trying to please anyone, or fool anyone, or hurt anyone .  .  .  My life is my life, my path is my path, and whoever doesn't understand it or like it, no big deal to me .  .  .  But, someone may read this and see themselves in some part of this post, and then realize, they're not crazy and not alone and there are others who've experienced what they're experiencing .  .  .  That's a beautiful thing, because it would mean that something I've written can help another find his or her way toward something that will benefit them at the very deepest levels of consciousness .  .  .  Isn't that what this blogging thing is really about?  To reach out and find common ground in some way, and learn or gain inspiration from each other?  

There's more .  .  .  MUCH more!  I could go on and on about meditation, altered states, transformational experiences .  .  .  And maybe at some point I'll talk about those things .  .  .  When the time is right, Snake will know .  .  .  The voice will tell me .  .  .  :)   


Life is beautiful baby! 

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why "Snake"?

One of the questions I sometimes get is, Where did this Snake thing come from?  I can imagine there could be all kinds of wild theories about that, so let's clear it up now .  .  .

As a child and teenager, I was involved heavily in sports .  .  .  We played everything, depending upon the season .  .  .  Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer .  .  .  One day during a pickup football game (I was 16, and it was a hot Sunday afternoon in September), I was playing quarterback .  .  .  On this particular play, none of my receivers were open, so I just took off, running the length of the field and "snaking" between and around defenders .  .  .  Maybe my finest athletic moment!  :)  Well, probably not, but the guys were impressed .  .  .  My pal Rod said, You ran like a snake .  .  .  And then another said, Yeah, a blue-eyed snake .  .  .  From that point on I was the blue-eyed snake, or just Snake .  .  .  No, I didn't do anything nefarious to be labelled a snake .  .  .  I know, the truth can be boring .  .  .  I could have made up a MUCH better story! 

I have an affinity for snakes .  .  .  I love those creatures .  .  .  They're so resourceful and expert at survival .  .  .  While working at a department store while in college, there was a pet shop and we had a boa constrictor for sale .  .  .  It was six feet long and was housed in a large glass aquarium .  .  .  We felt sorry for the snake and would take it out occasionally, which was strictly against orders .  .  .  We were told under no circumstances does the snake leave the aquarium .  .  .  Well, that order was ignored repeatedly .  .  .  We'd spread our arms and let the snake wrap itself around us, with it's tail at one hand and its head at the other .  .  .  Then, we'd try to terrify the cashiers .  .  .  We were successful on a regular basis .  .  .  One day though, the suits were informed of our fun and the snake was gone the next morning .  .  .  But, I loved that snake!   

The snake seems a recurring theme in my life .  .  .  I was born in the Year of the Snake .  .  .  I've done a lot of work with kundalini energy, which is described as a coiled serpent living at the base of the spine .  .  .  There have been some other experiences revolving around snakes .  .  .  So yeah, I guess I was destined to be called Snake at some point in my life .  .  .

And there you have it, or 80% of it .  .  .  Once a snake, always a Snake!

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Is this the Happy Dance?

I DEFY anyone to try this at home .  .  .  Hah! 

She's got some hops!

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


My good friend Bobby passed a few days ago (A toast to you Bobby), and the memorial service/celebration of life was held yesterday .  .  .

Bobby .  .  .  

No words can adequately describe exactly who and what you were .  .  .  The speakers tried, and everything they said was so accurate, but there was more .  .  .  Every one of the hundreds there could have spoken, but still there could be more .  .  .  You were the epitome of "bigger than life" .  .  .  Listening to your younger brother was like listening to a toned down version of you .  .  .  The same sense of humor, but not quite with the edge your had, and delivered in a softer voice .  .  .  But still, it could have been you speaking .  .  .  I laughed my ass off, because I and everyone else could easily see and hear you in all the situations he described .  .  .  

You always thought you were smarter than everyone else .  .  .  In truth, you probably were .  .  .  You thought you were a better athlete .  .  .  Again, probably .  .  .  You thought you were better looking .  .  .  Well, I'll give you this .  .  .  You were a handsome dude!  But I'd never give you the satisfaction of admitting that to your face .  .  .  Are you satisfied now Bobby?  You WERE all of those .  .  .

You were a terrific husband and father, and then grandfather .  .  .  You always had your priorities in line .  .  .  You knew where to expend your energy .  .  . I think you actually liked your grand kids more than your own!  Well, maybe not, but it's always easier with grand kids, isn't it?  You don't have to discipline them, you can spoil them, and then send them home for the parents to deal with the "damage" you've inflicted .  .  .  And you inflicted a LOT of damage, spoiling them like crazy .  .  .

What a friend you were Bobby!  The more you liked someone, the more you insulted, trashed, and savaged them .  .  .  But, you could pull it off in an affectionate way, and get away with the trash talking .  .  .  People expected it, enjoyed it, and some actually wanted to be the butt of your shots .  .  .  How many times did you call friends "peckerhead'?  How many times did you call ME peckerhead?  I should have kept a running total, because I know the number is up there .  .  .

I remember so many crazy things you said and did like they were yesterday .  .  .  You calling me fat and ugly?  You probably don't remember that, do you?  Let me refresh your memory .  .  .  We were sitting with some colleagues discussing something or other, and I made what I thought was a brilliant point .  .  .  You looked right at me and announced, Snake, I don't know how anyone as fat and ugly as you can have any friends .  .  .  Everyone laughed, because that was classic Bobby .  .  . Insult someone so outrageously that no one can possibly take your comment seriously .  .  .  'Cause I'm definitely not fat Bobby, and you know that .  .  .  The ugly part, well, that's subjective .  .  .  Hah!! 

You loved to greet people with a good-natured insult .  .  .  Anyone foolish enough to try to match it would be hit with another insult, making it clear you'd play that game as long as they wanted, and you'd win .  .  .  Always, you'd win .  .  .  So, one day I simply responded with, Bobby, is that the best you can do?  You didn't have a comeback .  .  .  You just shook your head  .  .  .  Remember?  Probably the only time I ever got you, and you'll probably try to tell me I'm making shit up, because NOBODY ever got you .  .  .  But Bobby, I'm not making shit up .  .  .

Man, you really got all over me about The Tie .  .  .  You knew I loved that tie, and you hated it!  It was a love it or hate it tie, with no middle ground of opinion .  .  .  It seemed like 80% loved it, and 20% hated the thing .  .  .  First time you saw it, it was in a group of people .  .  .  You just looked at it for a few seconds and said, That is the UGLIEST tie I've ever seen!  And walked away .  .  .  Just like that .  .  .  From that point on, I did my best to torment you with The Tie .  .  .  And it seemed to work .  .  .  It was liked showing a cross to Dracula .  .  .  You'd recoil and say something like, Get away from me with that fucking tie!  Or, maybe the best line of all, It would be easy to strangle you with that tie, since it's already around your neck .  .  .  You'll be happy to know Bobby that I'm no longer in possession of The Tie .  .  .  I left it in a hotel room two years ago and no doubt someone else wears it and loves it now .  .  .  And maybe they have a Bobby they can torment with it!  I hope so!  Ah yes, The Tie .  .  .  

One of the things I appreciated most about you was your iconoclastic nature .  .  .  You didn't put anyone on a pedestal that I ever knew of .  .  .  As a matter of fact, you always enjoyed kicking the pedestal out from under people who took themselves too seriously .  .  .  A classic Bobby T moment .  .  .  I KNOW you remember this one Bobby .  .  .  The new boss came in, he gathered the staff and began to talk in serious tones about what he expected .  .  .  A few minutes into his well-crafted speech you said, McMillan, you've been here five minutes and you're already pissing me off!  Great, classic Bobby line .  .  .  You took all the shine off his metal .  .  .  And only you could pull that off!  How did you get away with so much Bobby?

But the best part, by FAR, was your loyalty .  .  .  Once a friend, always a friend, no matter how many insults you hurled in a person's direction .  .  .  Fifteen years ago when those whackos came after me, trying to destroy my reputation .  .  .  You and so many others jumped into my corner because you knew it was all bullshit, but you were there first .  .  .  You made damn sure that my reputation wasn't damaged .  .  .  And then, you and others exacted your revenge on them on my behalf .  .  .  It was a beautiful thing to see at the time .  .  .

Yeah, Bobby, you WERE one of a kind, and everyone who knew you can think of you and laugh, because you constantly made us all laugh, often at our own expense .  .  .  But we loved it, and we loved you Bobby .  .  .  No, that's wrong .  .  .  We LOVE you Bobby .  .  .  Present tense .  .  .  And it ALWAYS will be present tense .  .  .


Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Normal

Normal .  .  .

according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle
- conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern
     - occurring naturally

That's from the Merriam-Webster dictionary .  .  .  So, let's work with that .  .  .
To give some background re:this post .  .  .  I've long since come to the conclusion that "normal" is in many ways, meaningless as a term and concept .  .  .  I realize that statisticians love the concept of normal, and so do people who seek to control others .  .  .  But, I'm in neither camp .  .  .  I despised stats in college, and have absolutely no desire to control anyone other than myself .  .  .
The lexicon of the language changes constantly, and we hear over and over things like "moving forward" and "prioritizing" and "the new normal" .  .  .  What? Did we get tired of the old normal?  Did it become obsolete?  Did we become bored with it, and just say, to hell with it, let's do something new and exciting normal?  Or, was the "old normal" just an illusion, as the "new normal" will be until it also is replaced by something else?
When we think about it, "normal" constantly changes .  .  .  Society can undergo change slowly over time, or it can experience tremendous upheaval .  .  .  Either way, nothing ever stays the same .  .  .  It evolves, just as individuals evolve .  .  . 
What is normal?  If someone asked me that, I'd have a very difficult time coming up with something that is accurate .  .  .  In a broad general sense, maybe we can agree on a few things, such as it's normal not to kill, normal not to steal, normal not to want to hurt people, and so on .  .  .  I DO hope the vast majority of people feel that killing and stealing and hurting should be avoided for the good of all .  .  .  But we all know that for some, killing and stealing and hurting are very much their usual behaviors .  .  .  Does that make killing and stealing and hurting normal then in some way?  And that thing about killing gets really difficult when we consider the "eye for an eye" approach of capital punishment .  .  .  Or, the human need and drive to go to war to protect what's ours, or to take what isn't ours, but which we want .  .  .
One can go round and round in discussing what's "normal" societally .  .  .  But, let's switch gears and bring it down to the individual level .  .  .  Let's talk about me, since I'm the expert on me .  .  .  I don't feel qualified to discuss any other human being, because I can't get inside their head and lick their brain and know what they truly think and feel .  .  .  
The question becomes, am I normal?  Well, what is the context?  Are we talking about behavior?  I don't kill and I don't steal and I try very hard not to hurt anyone in any way .  .  .  I've never been arrested, don't have a record, and have never sat in the back of a squad car while the people in uniform tried to break down my story .  .  .  Let's say I'm normal in that sense .  .  .  So that's good, don't you think?  But what about what goes on in my head?  What about the thoughts I'm experiencing, and then the resulting emotions, and maybe the behaviors I act out as a result of the thoughts and emotions?  Are they normal?  Are they abnormal?  I could have some sick thoughts, but never speak of them and never act on them .  .  .  Would I then appear "normal" in a behavioral sense, but be abnormal and twisted in a thinking sense?  It can get murky .  .  .
When people speak of normal, I become a bit nervous, because so much of what is considered normal can be used to control .  .  .  Monogamy is normal, so anything outside of that is abnormal .  .  .  That's used to control behavior, it scares me, and it's just one example .  .  .  Belief in one concept of God is normal in some cultures, so anything outside of that is abnormal .  .  .  That gave us the Inquisition, and other atrocities in the name of God, or the "normal" concept of God at the time the atrocities were committed .  .  .  It exists today as well .  .  .  If I go to, say Pakistan as an example, and I run through the streets of Islamabad or Karachi or any other city, town or village clutching a Bible or Torah or copy of the Upanishads and espouse what's in any of those, I'll end up among the deceased pretty quickly .  .  .  So, normal is so much about control of thought and as an extension, behavior .  .  .  THAT scares the shit out of me, because I don't want to be controlled!
There's another post to be written on the topic of "normal" from a more personal viewpoint, and this one has gone on long enough .  .  .  But, think about it .  .  .  And ask, what is normal?  Maybe, it's normal to be bored to tears after reading this!  Hah!
As always .  .  .  Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .
Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!       

Friday, January 7, 2011

Knocking it down . . .

As a former basketball coach, I can appreciate somebody who can put the rock in the hole consistently .  .  .  These guys can get it done, and with amazing creativity .  .  .  I've watched this multiple times .  .  .  Take a look .  .  .

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A toast to you Bobby . . .

What do we say when a good friend passes?  What CAN we say?  It's just a rhetorical question, where no answer suffices or is necessary, or even possible .  .  .

Bobby  .  .  .  I love you my friend, and so do many .  .  .  Wife, children, friends .  .  .

You showed your loyalty in the best sense .  .  .  Once a friend, always a friend .  .  .  You epitomized that .  .  .

Truly, we have to realize this .  .  .  We'll all pass .  .  .  In the end, Life is for the living  .  .  Live, love, laugh, enjoy, stop worrying about superficial shit .  .  .

A toast to you Bobby  .  .  .

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!! 

PX90 Workout System . . .

I'm a workout fiend, and always looking for something new .  .  .  My great friend Steve in Oakville was talking about PX90 recently .  .  .  I've looked at the website, and they're obviously selling something .  .  .  

Does anyone have experience with PX90?  If so, I'd really welcome your getting in touch with me via email .  .  .  

Life is beautiful!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hypnotic . . .

I had breakfast this morning with a friend at a restaurant attached to a bookstore in town .  .  .  While there, I heard song, which I haven't heard in a while .  .  . 

I know you can relate to this .  .  .  We see things multiple times, or hear something multiple times, and then there's that one occasion when we see it or hear it and it's on a whole different level than anytime before .  .  .  Is that because of a different level of consciousness at that moment?  Is it the surroundings?  What?  Whtever it is, it happens and we're always aware of it when it does .  .  .

The song is Take a Chance by the beautiful Chantal Chamandy .  .  .  As I heard it, I was standing at the magazine display checking out some new issues .  .  .  One of those moments when time stops and we just become immersed in the sensation  .  .  .  So here it is .  .  .

Life is beautiful beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .    Ciao!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Work makes my ass fat!

No .  .  .  Not MY ass .  .  .  HER ass!

Some background .  .  .  A perfect July day in 2010, with lots of sun and heat .  .  .  A few friends got together for "Happy Hour" in late afternoon .  .  .  Everyone was a little naturally high to begin with, and then proceeded to get a little happier as drinks flowed and food was consumed .  .  .  At one point, the topic of conversation got around to body types, and there was discussion about this body type and that body type .  .  .  Then, out of the blue, Maria blurted out, Work makes my ass fat!  Good thing I'd swallowed my red wine two seconds before her bold pronouncement!  Maria is on the shorter side, with a tendency to gain weight easily .  .  .  She also seems to lose it easily .  .  .  She attributes her occasional weight issues to her southern Italian heritage, and references it often .  .  .

What made me think of this?  Yesterday I came across an article on Yahoo News about the sad state of health of the majority of Canadian adults .  .  .  In a nutshell, two thirds of Canadian adults are overweight or obese .  .  .  It's even worse in the USA .  .  .  Resulting from this is a spike in Type II diabetes, and of course, more cardiovascular disease, more cancer, more this and that .  .  .  the list is endless .  .  .  One of the things mentioned in the article is that so many people are working such long hours, then go home tired and often to kids who need attention, housework and so on .  .  .  So, no desire or motivation to be terribly active after a long, hard day on the job .  .  .  And, as my friend Maria so eloquently stated, some jobs in and of themselves (a lot of sitting) contribute to fat asses .  .  .

What to do?  Clearly, the general adult population is under-exercised and underactive .  .  .   I wrote an entry in December titled Gym Rat, in which I made a plea for people to get active in 2011 (if they aren't already) for the sake of overall well-being, and also improved quality of life .  .  .  Yesterday at the gym, I saw exactly what I knew I'd see, which was, a packed place and lots of new faces .  .  .  Happens every January for the first two weeks, then it's back to normal as most of the new bodies fall away .  .  .  But of course, I DO hope that most of them won't .  .  .  The truth is though, most of them WILL .  .  .  It's a sad state of affairs where the overall health of our adult population is concerned .  .  .

All we can control is ourselves .  .  .  We make the decisions to exercise or not, smoke or not, eat healthy or not, and so on .  .  .  We can't do that for others .  .  .  But, if we start with ourselves, our behavior may have a positive influence upon just one other person, and motivate him or her to make some positive changes in activity level, diet, or what have you .  .  .  We should never underestimate our power to influence others by setting a good example!  We never know where or when something we say or do will plant a seed in another's consciousness, and then a profound change begins to take place over time in that person's life .  .  .  The power of ONE!!  Never doubt it!

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

When pigs fly . . .

We've all heard that .  .  .  How about, When snakes fly .  .  . ?!

Given my name, you gotta know I have a soft spot for snakes .  . .

It seems, snakes CAN fly, or at least, glide pretty damn well .  .  .

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

The Spiritual Path II

In the previous post, I described a bit of what a spiritual path means to me .  .  .  However, there's more to say on that subject .  .  .

As I said, this is absolutely the path I was meant to pursue .  .  .  Did I necessarily realize that from day one?  Definitely not!  But, as I look back on the events in my life, I can clearly see that everything seems to have pointed me this way .  .  .  Maybe pulled is a better word .  .  .  One thing needs to be said though, and it's that some of my behavior in this life could be described as, shall we say, decidedly non-spiritual .  .  .  Oh yeah, there just might be a skeleton or two in Snake's closet .  .  .  But, amazingly, the gods have for the most part kept me out of trouble .  .  .  I've been spared from most painful repercussions .  .  .   I can think of a time or two though where, if things had played out differently, my life would NOT be what it is today .  .  .  So, of all the things I'm consciously grateful for, that's up there on the list .  .  .  Do I have a guardian angel?  Maybe I have (and have needed!) more than one!   At times, it seems as if I was being protected .  .  .  Just no other way to explain it .  .  .   :)

Over the years, I've been on and off the spiritual path .  .  .  Early on, quite frequently I'd fall off the bandwagon .  .  .  But always, something would happen that would draw me back .  .  .  I can only look back and shake my head in wonder, that everything seems to have played out perfectly, and continues to .  .  .

People have many misconceptions about what a person's life might be like if a spiritual route is taken .  .  .  It does not mean giving up life's pleasures .  .  .  It does not mean losing interest in sex .  .  .  It does not mean going to India to find a cave in the Himalayas to meditate one's life away .  .  .   For some, it might mean those things, but certainly not for me .  .  .

The vast majority of people who pursue the path appear quite normal, in fact .  .  .  There is no mark on the forehead to identify them, no clothing to give them away, no code words they use to communicate among one another .  .  .  They appear quite normal, and in fact, ARE quite normal .  .  .  They do the same things everyone does to get through life, but .  .  .  And this is the kicker .  .  .  They have a different attitude, and a different view of reality than most .  .  .  However, there isn't any one specific view that defines the path, as everyone is unique and so is their Journey unique .  .  .

All I can describe is my experience .  .  .  There's a calmness about things from moment to moment .  .  .  I've done so much meditating in my life using many techniques, that I'm certain I'm one of those people whose brain has been altered by it .  .  .  That's been proven scientifically to happen to some people .  .  .  And then, their brain waves undergo a change as well .  .  .  It's all for the better however .  .  .  These are positive changes .  .  .  My view of people is a bit different .  .  .  We all have the Divine spark within us, and when we feel it ourselves and see it in others, it can't help but change how we deal with other human beings .  .  .  We become more accepting, less judgemental, more loving and understanding .  .  .  In my case, it also means that there are certain types of people I'll try to avoid .  .  .  That could seem contradictory, but it really isn't .  .  . 

Although there are always going to be challenges in life no matter what path we pursue, my life has a flow and a sense of ease that is very peaceful and calm .  .  .  I'm not talking about being sedated, but just a feeling of ease .  .  .  Perhaps a better word is balance .  .  .  Balance and ease sounds just about right .  .  .  That comes from meditation, which I always joke is the best drug I've ever taken .  .  .  In fact, most of the time, I feel like I'm in an almost permanent meditative state .  .  .  Which is good!  My intuition is highly developed, and I always listen to the voice .  .  .

It amazes me how everything seems to fall into place .  .  .  Along with that, I've had some profound experiences that I'd never discuss with anyone else .  .  .  Some things are meant not to be shared .  .  .  But they happen, and the further I go, the more powerful they become .  .  .  The last few years have been mind-blowing!

Yes indeed, life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Spiritual Path . . .

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together .  .  . "

Recognize that?  Can you hear the song playing?  I'll come back to it .  .  .

A conversation occurred three weeks ago about the spiritual path .  .  .  This is a post I've wanted to write for a long time, but it didn't happen .  .  .  I always wait for the inspiration, the voice of intuition .  .  .  It happens when the time is right .  .  .

Shall we begin?

If you met me on the street, or at a party, a conference, or wherever .  .  .  What would you see?

Male .  .  .  Blue eyes .  .  .  Six feet .  .  .  One eighty two .  .  .  Laid back .  .  .  Calm .  .  .  Grounded and centered .  .  .  Easy to be with .  .  .  No agendas or drama .  .  .  I want nothing from you, except what you choose to give me .  .  .

From the moment of my conception, there's no doubt I was meant to pursue a spiritual path .  .  .

But, what IS a spiritual path?  Truly, every path is unique .  .  .  All I can do is talk about the one I'm experiencing .  .  .

Wishing the best for every human being .  .  .

Asking for what I need to fulfill my higher purpose .  .  .

Being consciously grateful for everything in my life .  .  .

Thinking thoughts that add to the LIGHT .  .  .

Understanding that, everything won't happen on my timetable .  .  .  Right time, right place, right reason .  .  .  We can't speed up destiny .  .  .

There's more, but much of it is very difficult, if not impossible, to articulate .  .  .  So, you're thinking, this guy is crazy .  .  .  Hmmm?  

Going back to the original line .  .  .

We are ALL connected .  .  .  More than we can possibly understand intellectually .  .  .

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .   Ciao!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Off to a rockin' start . . .

How long does it take to get a bead on the New Year?  A week, two weeks, a month?  What?  Well, I've been up for three hours and so far, so good .  .  .  My resolutions are solidly in place .  .  .  More HtwoO in 2011?  Two big glasses already .  .  .  More stretching?  Done .  .  .  Of course, what human being isn't able to maintain two resolutions for three hours?  But, I'm committed to this, and really, if I can't make these two simple, boring resolutions work, then it's pretty sad .  .  .  

I've read a few blogs people have written about resolutions .  .  .  Some are inspiring .  .  .  Some are humorous .  .  .  And some make me think, Good luck to you!  But you don't have a chance of doing all that in 2011 .  .  .  Not by a long shot!  Why?  Too many things on the list .  .  .  A person can only multi-task so many resolutions at a time .  .  .  My thinking is, two is about it at any one time .  .  .  Then, once those are in place, move on to something else .  .  .  But if we try to make ten changes from day one, the average person is doomed to fail .  .  . It's OK to have ten, but spread 'em out over the year .  .  .  That's 365 days to get it done .  .  .  Or most of it done .  .  .   It's a marathon, not the 100 m dash .  .  .

Not a doubt in my mind, 2011 is going to be a terrific year!  Why?  Because I choose to make it so .  .  .  We ALL have that power, and it starts with thoughts .  .  .  THOUGHTS .  .  .  Negativity starts with thoughts .  .  .  Everything starts with thoughts .  .  .  Getting back to resolutions, people tend to focus on behaviors .  .  .  The problem is, behaviors don't occur in isolation .  .  .  Behaviors come from emotions and thoughts, but it all starts with thoughts .  .  .  Want to change a behavior, or a habit?  Look at the thoughts driving it, and that's where the work has to be done .  .  .  Take control of thoughts, and the rest comes easy .  .  .

OK, it's 11 am on January 1st, 2011 .  .  .  And this song is going through my head from out of nowhere .  .  .  Is that significant?  Is this an omen of what 2011 is going to bring my way?  Hah!  Somewhere in this song is a metaphor .  .  .  So here it is .  .  .  Nothing like a little redneck rock to start the year .  .  .  And ya gotta love the use of chainsaw-as-musical instrument creativity!

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

Things I'm looking forward to in 2011 . . .

We should look forward, right?  So, let's do that .  .  .  What am I looking forward to?  Here we go .  .  .

1.  More tantra .  .  .

2.  Getting to Fla .  .  .  Beaches and palm trees in three weeks .  .  .  For ten weeks .  .  .

3.  Gold's Gym in Tampa .  .  .  Love that place, and the gym buds who help to pass the time between sets .  .  .

4.  Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup .  .  .  I know, I know .  .  .   That's low probability .  .  .

5.  Finding unexpected sources of inspiration .  .  .  The best inspiration is unexpected and out of the blue .  .  .

6.  L'air making a full recovery .  .  .

7.  Sacred sites .  .  .

8.  Sacred sexuality .  .  .

9.  New friends, new people, new lessons .  .  .

10.  Challenges .  .  .  What better way to learn more about ourselves?

11.  Zen reality .  .  .

12.  Another great Halloween party .  .  .  The return of Snake Vegas!

13.  Moving further along the path .  .  .

OK, I'm stopping there because thirteen is a lucky number .  .  .

One more thing .  .  .  The local newspaper printed predictions based upon astrological sign .  .  .   Mine was very so-so .  .  .  Are you f***ing kidding me?  2011 is going to be a GREAT year!  I'm in control, and that's all that matters!!

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next year .  .  .  Ciao!!