Monday, January 3, 2011

The Spiritual Path II

In the previous post, I described a bit of what a spiritual path means to me .  .  .  However, there's more to say on that subject .  .  .

As I said, this is absolutely the path I was meant to pursue .  .  .  Did I necessarily realize that from day one?  Definitely not!  But, as I look back on the events in my life, I can clearly see that everything seems to have pointed me this way .  .  .  Maybe pulled is a better word .  .  .  One thing needs to be said though, and it's that some of my behavior in this life could be described as, shall we say, decidedly non-spiritual .  .  .  Oh yeah, there just might be a skeleton or two in Snake's closet .  .  .  But, amazingly, the gods have for the most part kept me out of trouble .  .  .  I've been spared from most painful repercussions .  .  .   I can think of a time or two though where, if things had played out differently, my life would NOT be what it is today .  .  .  So, of all the things I'm consciously grateful for, that's up there on the list .  .  .  Do I have a guardian angel?  Maybe I have (and have needed!) more than one!   At times, it seems as if I was being protected .  .  .  Just no other way to explain it .  .  .   :)

Over the years, I've been on and off the spiritual path .  .  .  Early on, quite frequently I'd fall off the bandwagon .  .  .  But always, something would happen that would draw me back .  .  .  I can only look back and shake my head in wonder, that everything seems to have played out perfectly, and continues to .  .  .

People have many misconceptions about what a person's life might be like if a spiritual route is taken .  .  .  It does not mean giving up life's pleasures .  .  .  It does not mean losing interest in sex .  .  .  It does not mean going to India to find a cave in the Himalayas to meditate one's life away .  .  .   For some, it might mean those things, but certainly not for me .  .  .

The vast majority of people who pursue the path appear quite normal, in fact .  .  .  There is no mark on the forehead to identify them, no clothing to give them away, no code words they use to communicate among one another .  .  .  They appear quite normal, and in fact, ARE quite normal .  .  .  They do the same things everyone does to get through life, but .  .  .  And this is the kicker .  .  .  They have a different attitude, and a different view of reality than most .  .  .  However, there isn't any one specific view that defines the path, as everyone is unique and so is their Journey unique .  .  .

All I can describe is my experience .  .  .  There's a calmness about things from moment to moment .  .  .  I've done so much meditating in my life using many techniques, that I'm certain I'm one of those people whose brain has been altered by it .  .  .  That's been proven scientifically to happen to some people .  .  .  And then, their brain waves undergo a change as well .  .  .  It's all for the better however .  .  .  These are positive changes .  .  .  My view of people is a bit different .  .  .  We all have the Divine spark within us, and when we feel it ourselves and see it in others, it can't help but change how we deal with other human beings .  .  .  We become more accepting, less judgemental, more loving and understanding .  .  .  In my case, it also means that there are certain types of people I'll try to avoid .  .  .  That could seem contradictory, but it really isn't .  .  . 

Although there are always going to be challenges in life no matter what path we pursue, my life has a flow and a sense of ease that is very peaceful and calm .  .  .  I'm not talking about being sedated, but just a feeling of ease .  .  .  Perhaps a better word is balance .  .  .  Balance and ease sounds just about right .  .  .  That comes from meditation, which I always joke is the best drug I've ever taken .  .  .  In fact, most of the time, I feel like I'm in an almost permanent meditative state .  .  .  Which is good!  My intuition is highly developed, and I always listen to the voice .  .  .

It amazes me how everything seems to fall into place .  .  .  Along with that, I've had some profound experiences that I'd never discuss with anyone else .  .  .  Some things are meant not to be shared .  .  .  But they happen, and the further I go, the more powerful they become .  .  .  The last few years have been mind-blowing!

Yes indeed, life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

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