Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learning to fly . . .

Yesterday I talked about Embracing the Path, and it felt good to describe something of my Journey on the spiritual plane .  .  .  However, no matter how far along I or anyone else travels down the spiritual path, we're always learning .  .  .  We learn to fly, and then when we get airborne, we learn to do it a little better as time goes on .  .  .  It's never perfected, and there's always room for improvement .  .  .  

I'll let you in on secret .  .  .  I can screw up with the best of them .  .  .  Yeah, I mean really fuck things up .  .  .  We're all human, and we can't ever escape that reality .  .  .  If ever someone puts himself above the fray, be sceptical of that person .  .  .  Perfection does NOT exist .  .  .  

Every once in a while, I throw out a big apology to the Universe, asking that anyone who've I've offended or hurt  forgive me .  .  .  Of course, there's always the chance they won't, and if that's their choice, I just have to deal with that .  .  .  The other side of the forgiveness coin is that I have to forgive others as well .  .  .  I can't hold grudges while I'm asking for forgiveness .  .  .  It just doesn't work that way .  .  .  I also have to forgive myself .  .  .  You know what?  Forgiving oneself is hard sometimes .  .  .  I really believe that it's more difficult than forgiving another human being .  .  .  I do struggle with that at times .  .  .  Like many people, I tend to be hard on myself .  .  .  It's one of those things I constantly have to work on .  .  .  I forgive others pretty well, but myself?  That's the tough one .  .  .  I know some of you can relate!

So, to anyone I've offended lately or ever, I sincerely apologize to you!  I hope you'll find it within your spirit to forgive me .  .  .  Because if you do, it'll be a little easier for me to forgive myself .  .  .  Thanks for listening .  .  .

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!


Meagan said...

Spoken like a man of true wisdom. I've always felt like everyone around me was worthy, however when it comes to myself I can never quite understand why I feel I'm not deserving or worthy of prosperity? Is it the shame of my infelidity? Is it my lack of education? Is it the time I wasn't there for my son? What ever it is I don't know? I just know I'm passionate about people of any/all kind, with a quick forgiving heart to boot!

Snake from this day forward let's forgive ourselves as we do other's. We are worthy my freind.

Snake said...

Yes Meagan, I like that . . . From this day forward indeed . . . Thank you for your comment!