Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life is for the living . . .

 Life is what it is .  .  .  But, what IS it?!

We've all experienced joy, sadness, and everything in between .  .  .  What is life, except a kaleidoscope (and at times a roller coaster) of experiences and emotions?   With every experience comes a plethora of emotions, and it's the emotions which make events memorable .  .  .   The more intense the emotions, the more vivid the memory, whether good or not so good .  .  .

This time of year can be a challenge for many .  .  .  And, that includes ol' Snake .  .  .  Four very dear friends have passed during the holiday season within the last eight years, and that timing makes the feeling of loss seem just a bit more intense .  .  .  The most recent was last Christmas Eve .  .  .  A car accident on an icy highway after a family dinner .  .  .  

However, this blog is NOT about sadness and morbidity .  .  .  That isn't what life should be .  .  .  After all, we are all born, and we all will pass .  .  .  It's an inevitability for all of us .  .  .

My opinion, and mine only .  .  .  Live, laugh, love, be happy, be positive, don't look back, make a difference, see the Divine beauty in others (even if they can't see it in themselves), live as though we are here to make others' lives easier, enjoy the moment, avoid self-pity, be consciously grateful for all we have, put a smile on your face, and someone else's as a result, wish the best for all human beings, understand that events don't always play out as we would like, and when we would like .  .  .  And, when someone close to us passes, we can honor them by becoming more like them .  .  .  

We can't bring anyone back to join us .  .  .  Gone is gone .  .  .  We can, however, carry them in our hearts .  .  .  Their memory, their being, their spirit .  .  .  If we do that, they live on and we honor them .  .  .  And, we should smile and laugh and celebrate in their remembrance .  .  .

I'm not Jewish, but I have no doubt I was in another lifetime .  .  .  Hasidic Jews believe that celebrating, and laughing, and dancing, and experiencing joy takes us closer to God (whatever that concept means to us) .  .  .  Melancholy is to avoided .  .  .  That's a GREAT image .  .  .  So, in that vein, lets sing and dance and celebrate being ALIVE!  And MEAN IT!!

Life is beautiful baby!!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!



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