Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can we wrap up empathy and put it under the tree?

There are plenty of attributes we'd hope to find in an emotionally healthy human being .  .  .  Gratitude, ability to love, work ethic, balance, communication skills, and on and on .  .  .   But, high up on this list should be empathy, the ability to walk a mile in anothers shoes .  .  .   This seems to be second nature to many, but completely anathema to more than a few .  .  .

I've always been fascinated by human nature .  .  .  

Empathy .  .  .  To take the time to listen, feel, and understand another person's view and emotional state .  .  .

It all goes back to a very basic psychological precept .  .  .  Thoughts drive emotions, which in turn drive behaviors .  .  .  What is the other person thinking?  What are they feeling?  And, why do they do what they do? 

My opinion?  There's a profound lack of empathy in society .  .  .  

Let's face it .  .  .  Life can be very hard for many, and if that's us, we become so wrapped up in our own survival (and our family's), and we have very little time and energy to feel what others are feeling .  .  .

But, if we simply stop and listen to what others are saying, and imagine what they might be feeling, and why they behave the way they do, we are doing our little bit in our tiny corner of the Universe to make this a better place, a better life, a better existence for all .  .  .

Tis the season!!

Never doubt the power of ONE .  .  .  Which is you and me .  .  .

And now, I'm off to a surprise birthday party where I'm the official photographer and videographer .  .  .  Baby, THAT'S pressure .  .  .

Life is beautiful .  .  .

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!! 

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