Saturday, December 11, 2010

L'air . . .

Larry is a great buddy, but we call him L'air .  .  .  A former girlfriend gave him that name, and it's stuck .  .  .  None of the inner circle call him Larry .  .  .

L'air has been hospitalized since mid-October .  .  .  He was given three weeks to live, then we were told three days to a week .  .  .  And finally, he won't last the weekend .  .  .  That was early November .  .  .

Can you imagine?  L'air is still with us, and making progress at a rate no one, and I mean NO ONE, could have predicted, without being considered a Pollyanna .  .  .  But survive he has, and we continue to see positive signs day by day .  .  .  The latest?  He's getting physio daily, and has been told he needs to go to a different facility, because the one he's in now doesn't have the ability to meet his level of progress .  .  .

Think about this .  .  .  A person is told he/she has a 5% chance of survival .  .  .  How does that news resonate in the psyche?  Truth is, it means in cold hard probability that 95% of people in a similar position don't make it .  .  .  But, and this is the kicker, 5% DO MAKE IT!!  Somebody has to be in that 5%, so why NOT L'air?  And people like him?  There is always hope, tempered with a dose of reality .  .  . 

Life is beautiful baby!!  

Continue to think beautiful thoughts, and let the rest take care of itself .  .  .

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!! 


veronicafish said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again. I love your perspective on things. And I'm so thankful to hear the news about your friend, Larry. His story is a blessing to others.

Snake said...

Yeah, his story is incredible . . .


Green Eyed Frenchy said...

It leaves us with Hope! Great to hear he made it, so happy for him.