Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello Croatia!!

The significance of the title will become evident if you simply keep reading .  .  .

When I started this blog in April 2009, I really had no idea what it would amount to, or how far it would go, and how long .  .  .  Here we are twenty months in and it's still truckin' along, albeit with a few short breaks hear and there, and one rather extended hiatus .  .  .  A part of me is somewhat surprised it's still here, but then again, on the other hand, I'm not surprised at all .  .  .  That's called duality .  .  .

It can honestly be said that this blog is inspired .  .  .  And by that, I don't mean it's exceptionally good .  .  .  "Inspired" in this case means I've felt inspired to write every entry in some way, shape, or form .  .  .  Every one of them is from the heart .  .  .  What you see and read is what you get .  .  .  That's me .  .  .  Take it or leave it .  .  .  No phoniness, no contriving, no making s*** up .  .  .  This blog is a piece of me, as much as my left arm .  .  .  Many entries have been written after meditation when I'm trippin' on a few levels .  .  .  Many have been written out of nowhere, meaning, I don't plan any particular thing to write about with much deliberation .  .  .  It just happens with some inspiration from a higher source .  .  .  The beauty of it is, it's often a complete surprise to me how an entry turns out .  .  .  

I haven't planned the breaks I've taken for the most part, and that LONG interlude from Feb. 9th until Oct. 12th shocked me, in a sense .  .  .  When I posted Dem Saints in February while spending an extended time in Florida, I had absolutely no idea I would be gone until October .  .  .   Looking back, I simply lost the inspiration to write anything .  .  .  Not feeling the love, and stuff was happening .  .  .  It wasn't a case of writer's block, it was just that there was NO desire to write .  .  .  No doubt, that's not uncommon .  .  .  And honestly, with every entry, my feeling is, this should be the last .  .  .   

I truly enjoy reading other blogs, and finding new ones covering any and all subjects .  .  .  The writing process fascinates me, and there are as many approaches to writing as there are people who write .  .  .  I'd love to sit in a room with people whose blogs I find very stimulating and entertaining and just talk about how we all approach things in a writing sense .  .  .  It would be highly educational for me, and I think also very enlightening, because my guess is our approach to writing mirrors our approach to life in many ways .  .  .  Writing can be a great voyage of self-discovery .  .  .  There are people who I know or who I've come across, and I've encouraged them to do some writing .  .  .  Some have done it, and some not .  .  .  Strictly up to them .  .  .  It's important though to reach out and plants seeds .  .  .  The nice thing about the internet is that we can be as anonymous or as out there as we'd like .  .  .

Only yesterday did I realize that I can see where the traffic is coming from to this blog .  .  .  That's very cool .  .  .  Not only are there readers in North America, but also in the UK, Germany, China, Russia, Denmark, South Korea, Slovakia, Singapore, Poland, Holland, Belgium, France, and Croatia .  .  .  Hello Croatia!!  But, where's the Middle East exposure?  Where are you Israel and Egypt?  And how about the South Asian sub-continent?  Where are you India?  Maybe one day .  .  .  

Not only does this blog give me an outlet to speak from my heart, but it also permits reaching out to a big world (or is that a small world?) in a way only made possible by some incredible technology .  .  .  Within my inner circle of friends and family, I can count on three fingers the ones who know about this blog .  .  .  Whether they ever read it or not, I have no idea .  .  .  But, they're sworn to secrecy and I know it's in the vault .  .  .

Hey, thanks to all who take a few minutes here and there to check in and read what Snake has to say .  .  .  and if you ever want to send an e-mail my way to say hello, by all means feel free .  .  .  Ask a question if you like .  .  .  This Snake is very friendly and welcoming, and most definitely doesn't bite!  I'm right here in my tiny corner of cyberspace .  .  . 

As a gift to my brothers and sisters, here's a video of one of my favorite songs of all time .  .  .  The vibe is warm and rockin' .  .  .  Crank it up!  Let's meet on the Road to Shamballa!!

Life is beautiful baby!  

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!  

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