Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks Jeff!

I had my doubts whether I'd post anything today .  .  .  Then this morning, Jeff called me and wanted to chat .  .  .  Jeff was in an introspective frame of mind, party because his butt has been parked on the sofa lately because he's dealing with the chest infection from Hell .  .  .  Hey Jeffy, sending good vibes!  Ten minutes into the conversation, I knew what I wanted to write about .  .  .

The topic is "Stuff" .  .  .  Have you ever seen the classic George Carlin routine dealing with "stuff"?  If you haven't, I'm including the video here .  .  .  it's brilliant!  However, the thing we were talking about made me think about all the needless, useless crap we all accumulate as we follow the routines of our lives .  .  .  We all do it, and then at some point we have a realization .  .  .  And then we try to simplify and unclutter, only to start the whole accumulation of stuff all over again at some point .  .  .  Is that just something that human beings are programmed to do?  Hmmm .  .  .  I hope you enjoy the video!  If Jeff hadn't called, you wouldn't be reading this, and you wouldn't have the chance to experience some of the comedic genius of George Carlin .  .  .  Ya gotta love how life works at times!

On another note, I wrote a few days ago about my ONE New Years Resolution, which is actually the first one I've EVER made .  .  .  My resolution is to drink more HtwoO in 2011 .  .  .  But, I'm going way out on a limb and will make a second resolution .  .  .  Which is, to do more stretching .  .  .  At the gym yesterday, I finished a little ahead of time, so stretching seemed like a good idea .  .  .  The truth is, it was sad and pathetic .  .  .  My hammies are as tight as a drum, my traps are rock hard, and I developed an ab cramp that was beyond belief .  .  .  So, getting back to some stretching and yoga is resolution #2 .  .  .  Can I handle two?  Hah!  Send good vibes my way so I can make this happen!

Happy New Year everyone!  And enjoy the late GC!!  And BTW, I was reminded yesterday of a great quote from Victor Hugo, while reading a blog about love .  .  .  Life is the flower, love is the nectar .  .  .  Think about it .  .  . 

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time in 2011 .  .  .  Ciao!!

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