Saturday, December 18, 2010

Breathing for Life II

How we breathe can and does have a significant effect on every aspect of our lives .  .  .  If we are inefficient, shallow breathers, we pay a price physically and psychologically .  .  .  If we are diaphragmatic breathers, we reap the benefits .  .  .

A more specialized breathing technique is called Alternate Nostril Breathing .  .  .  ANB can be practiced for three to five minutes at a time, as often as one likes .  .  .  I've taught this to many people, and it is quite simply one of the best ways to calm and energize at once .  .  .

Some simple anatomy and physiology .  .  .  Our brains have a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere .  .  .  Generally, the left is considered the "male" or "sympathetic" side .  .  .  The right is the "female", or "parasympathetic" side .  .  .  The hemispheres function with a certain amount of coordination, but at any one time, one hemisphere or the other is more active or dominant .  .  .  This dominance moves back and forth between left and right every half-hour to two hours .  .  .

How do we know which half is dominating at any one time?  If we inhale through one nostril at a time, we will find that one is more open than the other .  .  .  If the left nostril is more open, then the right hemisphere is more active at that time .  .  .  If we check back in an hour or two, it quite likely will have reversed .  .  .   This goes on constantly, and we don't even know it .  .  . 

Here's the point .  .  .  ANB is a simple technique which brings the two hemispheres into greater harmony, allowing them to communicate with each other more efficiently .  .  .  This results in clearer thinking, calmness, reduced anxiety, a feeling of energization, more complete removal of waste from the lungs, and so on .  .  .  Speaking personally, this is something I've been using for years, and can vouch for its effectiveness .  .  .

This video very clearly explains the mechanics of ANB .  .  .  Take a look and give it a try .  .  .  It works!!

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!   

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