Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Tis the season to . . .

.  .  .  stop worrying!

Do you know someone who is lost in worry and anxiety?  Is it rational?  Is it logical?  Has their worry ever led to a positive outcome, to whatever it is they worry about?  That's rhetorical BTW, because we all know the correct answer .  .  .

I had a conversation with a young woman at the gym on Tuesday that really got me back to thinking about worry .  .  .  Hence, this blog entry .  .  .

I'm not going to say anything more for now, except .  .  .

Take a couple of minutes and check out this video .  .  . 

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, my friend,

Just wanted to tell you that I've been enjoying your recent posts. I was terribly behind, but last night I finally managed to start catching up with what you wrote in December. I have quite a few more posts to go, though. (You've been busy!) Still, I wanted to tell you how helpful your posts are and to thank you for sharing your wisdom. I can't speak for others, but I'm certainly the better for it.

Hope you're having a wonderful start to the new year.

All best,

P.S. Tried to e-mail you through here but it bounced back. :-/

Snake said...

Thanks for the comment V . . . Yes, I've been busy riding the wave of blogging inspiration . . . lol Who knows when I'll be taking another multi-month break? No doubt, it's coming . . . Don't know why it would bounce back . . . I tested it and it's working for me . . .

Happy New Year!!