Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here we are . . .

Another Boxing Day, the stores are packed with bargain hunters, and I can't imagine anywhere I'd less enjoy being .  .  .  Best Buy will just have to get through another BD without this Snake . . .  So, I'm right here listening to an internet bluegrass station as I write this post .  .  .  I'll get the urge to listen to some bluegrass maybe twice a year, and today is one of those .  .  . 

I always tend to become somewhat reflective as we move into the last week of the year .  .  .  No doubt that's very common for people to do .  .  .  The one thing that I feel is a deep sense of gratitude to have the life I have .  .  .  Not that 2010 has been without challenges, but everything has played out as it should, and life is beautiful baby!  It's a mindset that we can all develop, but sadly, many don't .  .  .

Gratitude is the mother of all emotions .  .  .  When we're sincerely, consciously grateful, everything else is enriched and things just flow a lot more easily .  .  .  There is so much to be grateful for .  .  .  Unfortunately, so many people simply take those things for granted and tend to fixate on what isn't working out in their lives .  .  .  It all comes down to perspective .  .  .  What is our world view?  What is our personal reality?

One of the things I'm grateful for is having the opportunity to maintain this blog .  .  .  In many countries, I couldn't do this .  .  .  Our freedom should never be taken for granted, because it can slip away right under our noses, something like the death of the thousand cuts .  .  .  It amazes me sometimes that this technology exists, which allows me and others to speak literally to the world .  .  .  And I'm so grateful to be able to read the blogs created by some very talented people .  .  . 

When I started this thing in April '09, I had no idea how it would unfold or how many hits it would get .  .  .  All I knew was that it would have a focus on a particular, crucial aspect of my life and being .  .  .  I wouldn't talk about politics, I'd leave out the X-rated parts of my life, and so on .  .  .  I put that stuff in my other blogs .  .  .  I know, you think I'm kidding .  .  .  Or do you?   

It's been a terrific year, and I wouldn't change a thing .  .  .  I'm looking forward to a great 2011 and traveling further down this path .  .  .  Yes, there will be some ups and downs here and there, but I'll embrace it all and try to learn more lessons from whatever the Universe throws in my path .  .  .  Everything and everyone is a teacher .  .  .  The Universe speaks to us all in a myriad of ways, but not everyone is listening .  .  .

Oh, and by the way, I REALLY need a massage!  Time to call Matt and set that up .  .  .  If anyone wants the name of a terrific masseur, I have one for you!! 

Life is beautiful baby!!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!



Sandra said...

You've certainly made me now have to reflect upon the last year and look towards the one to come. Great post!

Snake said...

Thanks for the comment Sandra! Really enjoy your blog . . . Very entertaining . . . Lots of good stuff there! I'll be a regular reader . . .

P and L