Friday, December 24, 2010

Couldn't resist . . .

Perhaps I should apologize for posting this pic of Naked Santa .  .  .  But, I'm not going to!  Hah!

I saw this yesterday, and really, how could I not use it?  I know, some of you are probably thinking this just might be a shot of ol' Snake .  .  .  Nah, it isn't .  .  .  That's me on the left, looking slightly reptilian .  .  .  Much better looking, don't you think?  Come to think of it though, Santa does bear a slight facial resemblance to one of my older Gold's Gym buds in Fla .  .  .  Hey Scottie, I'll see you soon! 

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

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