Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Remember the last time you felt like you'd been run over by a six ton Greyhound bus?  Did you get the license number?

We've all been there .  .  .  I remember a certain hockey game .  .  .  I was sixteen, a teammate was passing me the puck, it was just about to touch my stick and .  .  .  The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back looking up into a combination of blackness and exploding light .  .  .  NOT a good experience .  .  .  It reminds me of an old expression .  .  .  If I knew what was REALLY going to happen today, I might never get out of bed!

However, I'm not so much talking about that kind of thing .  .  .  It's more of an emotional experience I'm referring to .  .  .  We get blindsided emotionally from time to time .  .  .  Sometimes good, and sometimes not .  .  .  And, there are times when events and the accompanying emotions are catalysts for change in our lives .  .  .   And often, we don't even realize at that point that change might be necessary until well after the fact .  .  .  But, someone parachutes in, seemingly out of nowhere, and things begin to go in a different direction .  .  .

I go back to 2001 .  .  .  A man named Denis suddenly appeared in my then workplace as a replacement for a colleague who had become quite ill .  .  .  Some people didn't care for him, and I could never understand why .  .  .  Denis and I became very good friends from the get go, and it was completely out of the blue .  .  .  I was having a difficult time with a few things at that period in my life .  .  .  Nothing traumatic, but some things had to be worked through and I was doing that .  .  .  But Denis was the one who said a few things and exhibited some behaviors that put me over the top in a sense .  .  .  I'm a great believer in synchronicity .  .  .  Was it preordained that we meet the way we did, and that he would be the catalyst I needed at that point?  I have some definite views on that .  .  .

Yes, I believe that if we're open to the Universe and its messages, we're going to receive those messages all the time .  .  .  They could take any number of forms, but they happen .  .  .  I've seen it over and over .  .  .  And, they can blindside us .  .  .  Just, BANG!  Here's a message for you Sport .  .  .  You'd better be listening to it!  And I know I've been the catalyst in other peoples' lives now and again, and they didn't see it coming in any way, shape, or form .  .  . 

So, the point is this .  .  .  Be OPEN to the messages we're being sent .  .  .  Don't run away from them, or minimize them, or ignore them .  .  .  Listen to the inner voice of intuition .  .  .  It's usually right, and often coming from a higher source!

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

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