Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To forgive, or not?

A few days ago, I attended the funeral of a friend who passed away far too soon, just ten days short of her 54th birthday .  .  .  The pastor and a few other people spoke about her, her life, and the qualities that made her such a beautiful person .  .  .  

One of the things mentioned more than once was her forgiving nature .  .  .  She could get angry, but never held a grudge against anyone .  .  .  She forgave everyone .  .  .  Believe me, she'd had some difficulties in life and probably had legitimate reason to hold a grudge or two, but she just refused to do it .  .  .  Her feeling was that holding grudges only imprisons the mind and soul in a negative state, which then has a subtle but definite effect upon other aspects of life .  .  .  We can't be emotionally and spiritually free unless we have the ability to forgive .  .  .  

A note about forgiveness .  .  .  It doesn't mean that we necessarily have to ever speak to a person who has wronged us, or have anything at all to do with them .  .  .  It simply means we stop thinking negatively about them, and let it all go .  .  .  That takes away the power they have over us .  .  .  Sounds simple, huh?  But is it, really?  Sometimes simple is more difficult than we'd like  .  .  .

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .



Rohit Sareen said...

such a simple but great philosophy if one can follow it. the line 'We can't be emotionally and spiritually free unless we have the ability to forgive' means a lot.

n im sure a gr8 person like ur friend wud have a lovely afterlife too. God Bless!

n tx for sharing this.

My Third Eye

Snake said...

Thank you for the comment Rohit . . . And yes, I agree that it's likely her afterlife is spectacular! Ciao

urban butterfly said...

I've been learning so many lessons about forgiveness these past few years. Thanks for sharing!

Snake said...

Thank you for your comment UB! Ciao

Anonymous said...

May your friend rest in peace. This is a wonderful post on forgiveness.

Snake said...

Thank you for your comment TS . . . She was an incredible person! Ciao