Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sympathetic Joy

We all know the feeling of joy we experience when we've done something well, or when we've received accolades for an accomplishment, and so on . . . This joy can be almost blissful, and it's a very healthy thing!

However, our lives can be so much more joyful if we also feel that same joy for the accomplishments of others . . . We congratulate and acknowledge others, but do we truly experience THEIR joy as our own? Sometimes we do . . . Unfortunately, there are also times when we might begrudge someone their success, or feel twinges (or outright pangs) of jealousy or envy . . .

Feeling genuine sympathetic joy for others is not something trivial . . . It's a very positive vibration sent out into the Universe with benefits for all, especially the person experiencing that sympathetic joy! The Universe will always answer back in a correspondingly positive way . . .

Sympathetic joy is one aspect of a generous nature, and gets back to the importance of thinking beautiful thoughts, and then carrying those thoughts through to emotions and actions!

Until next time . . . Ciao!!

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