Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Ready II

I DO realize that speaking of our death is not something we normally do, given a choice of many other topics which may be more "pleasant" . . .

However, I'm one of those people for whom death is not an unpleasant/unhappy topic . . . I don't fear death, and don't shy away from the topic because of fear. I do understand though that in Western culture especially, death is something many people wish to avoid at all costs, and put off as long as possible, even when we might be in seriously declining health . . . I suppose in a way it's human nature to react that way, but I also believe it's a cultural thing to a great extent.

I love my life, and I have no complaints . . . My physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all just fine, and I'm very comfortable with things as they are! But, that doesn't mean I can't be ready to move on or accept that inevitably, someday I WILL move on . . . Loving one's life and being fine with the idea of one's eventual passing are quite compatible concepts! It's quite possible I'll be on this planet in this form for a few more decades . . . or I could be gone tomorrow . . . Either way, I'm fine with it . . . There is no death wish, and neither is there the specific desire to go on and on . . . I very much understand that many won't be able to relate to that thinking, but at the same time, some will know EXACTLY what I'm saying . . .

In the end, we all should attempt to come to terms with our mortality emotionally as well as intellectually . . . People universally know they'll pass on, but the emotional acceptance of that passing is perhaps non-existent, mainly because of the fear of the event . . . People generally try to avoid topics they fear, so the subject of death is blocked from the psyche, until perhaps a health condition forces us to deal with it . . . Are we doing ourselves a disservice, however, if we bury our heads in the sand and deny our mortality emotionally? Perhaps the answer to that is YES . . . Pehaps we open ourselves up to greater freedom as we live this life if we emotionally accept our eventual death, whenever it comes, and lose the fear we may be feeling . . . Something to consider, isn't it?

Until next time . . . Ciao!!

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Green Eyed Frenchy said...

I know what you are saying. Having seen my mother die from cancer, all I can say is that an agony is terrible to live, but in the end death is like birth, it is something that marks you forever. I am not afraid anymore.