Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We ALL Want One Thing II

It would be silly in the extreme to say people want to be miserable . . . Even miserable people are often trying to find happiness through their misery, strange as it may seem . . . We've all known individuals about whom we say, This is someone who is happy being MISERABLE! And then they procede to try to make those around them just as miserable . . . When we encounter human beings of that ilk, we should RUN LIKE HELL as soon as we can! Get away ASAP! Their negative vibes will spill over, and who needs or wants to be infected with that negativity?

We were talking about the EVER PRESENT BIG THING, and striving to achieve it . . . The EPBT is that piece of God, or the Macrocosm, that we truly are . . . In earlier blogs it's been discussed and this is simply an extension of that discussion . . .

When we become acutely aware of the energy body within us, we are well on our way to higher levels of the God experience . . . However, the intention of this entry is not to go back over the same thing already covered . . . No, the point of this blog is to talk about a pattern of thought which can begin to define us as spiritual beings! A thought and belief system that is so powerful, it affects virtually every other aspect of our lives . . . And from which greater happiness, joy, contentment arise! What might this be? What is this thing so powerful, and yet, so simple? It is nothing more and nothing less than sincere, conscious GRATITUDE! Yes Dear Reader, gratitude, gratitude, GRATITUDE!!

Do we really give much thought to those things we should be grateful for? Does it ever cross our minds to any great extent? Sure, from time to time we mention gratitude, give it lip service, but really, that's about all . . .

This doesn't have to be complicated . . . it can be as simple as making a list at the end of each day in a journal, of those things we are grateful for from that day . . . and then waking up eight hours later and entertaining thoughts of gratitude . . . Going to sleep with gratitude, and waking up with gratitude . . . CONSCIOUS GRATITUDE! And then in those times between waking and going to sleep, feeling that same sense of gratitude being with us . . . If we're new to this, we may have to stop and remind ourselves to think grateful thoughts, until it becomes a habit and the thoughts and beliefs related to gratitude begin to permeate our whole being . . . Muslims are called to prayer five times a day, so why not offer up sincere and conscious thoughts of gratutde to the Universe in the same way? It can be done!

If we observe people who function with a high level of gratitude, we're going to see more positivity, more generosity, more compassion, a more loving nature . . . Those are exactly the character traits of people we all like to surround ourselves with! And we can each BE that! Get it? Of course we do! It's so simple it hurts . . . But it isn't necessarily EASY . . . Discipline and motivation are what will determine our success in developing an attitude of conscious gratitude . . . If we want it badly enough, it's ours for the taking!

If we develop a more positive nature, more compassion, more generosity, a more loving demeanor through conscious gratitude, we become more God-like . . . As God or the Macrocosm is infinitely loving, generous, and compassionate, so can we aspire to approach closer and closer to that perfect nature of the Macrocosm . . . And to bring this full circle, that is EXACTLY where true happiness abides! Think about it . . .

Until next time . . . Ciao!!

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