Saturday, November 6, 2010

Going Within . . .

The Macrocosm is God .  .  .  And, we have God around us and within us . . .  There is divinity in us all .  .  .  For many, these are words that ring a bell on an intellectual level only .  .  . 

Yes, of course we can understand that God is "out there" . . . Isn't that exactly what we learn in Western society from the time we begin to comprehend? We are taught to seek, seek, seek God as an external influence . . .

The philosophies and religions from the East teach us, however, that we should first seek WITHIN . . . to go within and quiet the mind, and begin to experience the Divine within ourselves . . . God as US, God as ME, and God as YOU . . .

This is the genesis of our Macroscosmic existence . . . Our existence whereby we can experience God as a very real, intrinsic entity . . . An existence where we see life as a flow of divinity through us and around us . . . a Divine Energy that exists "out there", but just as importantly, "IN me" . . . It's all ONE, and we are each of us connected to it at the deepest level .  .  .

Some questions are . . . How do we tap into this Divine Energy within? How do we transform ourselves by finding it, using it, and ultimately, how does our own transformation affect our little piece of the Universe, and those within it?

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time . . . Ciao!!

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