Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspirational? You bet it is!

I came across this story this morning on Yahoo .  .  . It's about a homeless Chicago man who is giving away his money to help a woman (who lost her job at a bank) and her son .  .  . Here's the text of the Yahoo article .  .  . 

Every day, Curtis Jackson panhandles on Chicago's streets, collecting spare change from passing strangers. Now, he's giving the money away.
Since December, the homeless hero has given almost $9,000 to an unemployed banker and her son. When the woman was successful, he says she treated him with dignity and respect. Now that she's in trouble financially, Jackson is repaying her for her kindness.
The down-on-her-luck 39-year-old mother lost almost everything when she lost her job, including her house.
Without a home for her son, she would lose custody of him to the state. A social worker paid for her to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights. But then Curtis Jackson showed up.
The homeless good Samaritan started paying her hotel bill. Every single day.
"All I can do is get out there and put a sign in my hand, or put a cup in my hand and ask people to help me out, and everything I get, except maybe bus fare and something to eat, I give it to her," Jackson told FOX Chicago News.
He says that when the banker and her son — both unnamed in the press — no longer need his assistance, he'll move on to helping someone else.

This takes me back to something I truly believe .  .  .  Every human being is a Divine being .  .  .  We are ALL a piece of God .  .  .  Some people understand that, and some don't .  .  .  When we understand this and act accordingly, the positive vibration of that permeates every space we go into .  .  .  This man's behavior in this instance simply reinforces that belief .  .  .  Every human being has a story, and a karmic destiny .  .  .  No one person's Journey through this lifetime is any more or any less sacred than any other .  .  .  We are ALL a piece of God .  .  .  And the Universe has and will bless Curtis Jackson .  .  .
Life is beautiful baby!
Peace and love .  .  .
Until next time .  .  .  Ciao! 


Sandra said...

Curtis Jackson is definitely a rarity among men/women. You're right every human being has a story and a karmic destiny. Some of us take longer than others to realize this. Some of us never realize this.
Terrific piece of writing as usual.

veronica said...

I needed some inspirational words. I'm glad I checked in here for them. Thank you for sharing this.

Snake said...

Yes Sandra, he is a rarity and an inspiration! Thank you as always for your comment my friend . . .

Veronica . . . Good to have you pop in and comment . . . Thank you!