Sunday, May 29, 2011

What do we take for granted?

I belong to a group that meets one Saturday per month .  .  .  It's a very esoteric group, and we get into some fascinating topics .  .  .  At any rate, L'air (the miracle man I've written about a few times) is a part of it, as is a man named Don .  .  .  We were discussing this and that, and we came around to a discussion about gratitude, and the human tendency to take things for granted .  .  .  The question that arose was, why does it seem to be a part of the human condition to take things for granted, and not instead express conscious gratitude for those things we're taking for granted?  

L'air has a completely different view of life since he's undergone his incredible Journey since November 2010 .  .  .  He's far more grateful for everything in his life than he ever was .  .  .  Don lost his wife to a heart attack in the winter, and he spoke of that event making him more grateful for things which he realizes he's taken for granted .  .  .

So, the obvious question is, why aren't we ALL more grateful?  I'm probably no less guilty than anyone .  .  .  Why isn't everyday Thanksgiving, in a sense?  Perhaps it can be, if we develop some kind of simple daily ritual taking a few seconds to consciously express our gratitude .  .  .  People who are grateful tend to be happier people in general .  .  .  They tend to be more kind, more giving, more compassionate .  .  .  My last post was about the inspirational Curtis Jackson, a homeless man who is giving his money to a woman and her son who are in need .  .  .  My guess is that Curtis Jackson IS consciously grateful for what he has .  .  .

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!


Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Completely agree with you. I try to be thankful, and forget... but try, and try again.

Meagan said...

My thoughts are people expect tomorrow to always be there. In the midst of our daily lives no one thinks or expects something bad can happen to them. Instead life goes on existing day in day out without thoughts of an inevitable change or interference in our daily lives. Sometimes it takes a tragedy, an unexpected loss of a love one. Job loss, financial woes, a health scare and this list goes on. Things such as these puts us in a mind frame of what was yesterday, forcing us to appreciate and respect what we have right now. Unfortunately things such as gratitude, humility, respect and love of others aren't realized until these moment's.

We just have to stop look around us and truly be thankful, appreciative for all we have. There's is no doubt in my mind that everyday should indeed be Thanks Giving.


Snake said...

Good for you Frenchy! Those who remember to be consciously grateful are the blessed ones . . . And yes, we DO get wrapped up in daily crap and we become overwhelmed with the routine . . . Those who try and try are those who eventually succeed . . . :)

Yes Meagan, we should STOP AND LOOK AROUND . . . It CAN be easy as that! You're SO right . . . Because life can turn on a dime, and so often does . . .

Thanks to each of you for your comments! Ciao

Sandra said...

Well put.

Snake said...

Thank you Sandra for your comment! Ciao