Monday, November 5, 2012

Just what the doctor ordered . . .

One of the things that's so terrific about blogging is that it gives us an outlet to say what we're REALLY feeling at any particular time . . .  And what we're feeling is constantly changing . . .  That's life!

The past seven days have seen events that have left me everywhere from very up to very down and everywhere in between . . .  Yesterday started out as a tough day . . .  I went to the gym earlier than usual, for no specific reason . . .  As I walked into the workout area, the first person I saw was a great gym bud named Carey . . .    He's one of those people who can go on and on . . .  All I have to do is say hello and then he's off . . .  Also a very entertaining guy, and a real raconteur . . .  We hadn't seen each other since June, since he's been in Thailand and Vietnam and then training at a different gym for a month . . .  As the title of this post says, he was just what the doctor ordered . . .  He regaled me with stories of his exotic (and erotic) Thai experiences, one after the other . . .  I literally had to force myself away to start working out, because it was so entertaining listening to him . . .

Once again, I thought to myself, this is how the Universe works . . .  If we really listen to the messages, many delivered through our intuition, things are put in our paths which become pivotal . . .  Seeing and talking to Carey turned the whole day around!  If I hadn't decided to go to the gym ninety minutes earlier than usual, our paths wouldn't have crossed . . .  Ya gotta love that!  

And I woke this morning feeling much better, said my Hail Mary's, and sent out a message to the Universe asking forgiveness from anyone I've ever hurt in this lifetime or any other, and forgiving anyone who's ever hurt me . . .  No grudges, no hard feelings, no negative emotions . . .  Everything is fine, and I'm completely OK with everyone on the planet . . .  White light all around!  

Peace and love . . .

Life is beautiful baby!


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