Friday, June 10, 2011

Gay or straight . . . A choice? Are you kidding me?

You know the feeling . . . From time to time, we come across a story that gets the juices flowing . . . Or perhaps, boiling!  Such is the case for me after reading yet again about a group that claims to be able to "straighten out" people, in this case boys, who exhibit the tendency towards "effeminate" behavior, or boys who may have "gay tendencies", whatever that means!  These groups have been around for a long time, and many seem to have religious/fundamentalist affiliation . . .

Sometimes, we have to scratch our heads and wonder if this really is the 21st century?  How on earth can some people (hopefully though a minority in society!) still be so incredibly backward in their thinking?  To think that I've CHOSEN to be straight is absurd . . . To think that the gay friends I have or have had in my life have CHOSEN to be gay or lesbian is equally absurd . . . We are what and who we are!  Gay, straight, bisexual, it's WHO WE ARE!  

Does the Creator frown on homosexuality?  Personally, I don't think the Creator could care less about a person's sexual orientation . . . Truly, it's a small part of the totality of the human being . . . I believe the Creator would be more concerned with how much love, kindness, compassion, empathy, etc a person displays . . . In short, what is in their heart?

Anyone who tells me that their God (or their CONCEPT of their God) condemns homosexuality is going to lose me right away . . . It isn't even worth discussing . . .  And I can't relate to that God AT ALL .  .  .

My grandfather was born left handed . . .  He didn't make the choice to be left-handed . . .  In kindergarten a century ago, his left hand was tied behind his back to force him to use the right hand .  .  . The message being, there's something WRONG with you fella if you're left handed .  .  .  How does that play on the psyche of a child, when they're told they're abnormal? How do others view them when they're portrayed as abnormal?  Now extend that to sexual orientation, and the damage done to those who are forced into some kind of quack therapy in order to make them straight/normal(?)?  It should be criminal .  .  .

The whole thing is sick . . . I'm not looking to get into a discussion with anyone about this, because we never change the minds of backward thinking people who base their backward thinking upon religious interpretation .  .  .  Discussion is fruitless . . .  I'm just blowing off steam . . .  LOL  And BTW, I'm NOT AT ALL insinuating that all Christians, or all Jews, or all Muslims etc take this backward approach to sexual orientation, and the need to change the orientation of certain people .  .  .  I know several very religious individuals who have no problem with say, gay Christians or gay Jews .  .  .  And I'd hope that most would feel exactly that way .  .  .  Unfortunately though, there are still enough misguided ones around who can do a LOT of permanent damage through their whacky views and actions . . .  No doubt, in their minds, I'm going straight to Hell .  .  .  But, ya know what?  There is no Hell!  Man, THAT will surely get them going, huh?  Hah!! :)

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love .  .  .

Until next time .  .  .  Ciao!!

PS  I'm left handed too, and proud of it!!  :)


Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Well said! I'm completely there with you. :)

Max said...

Great post. I may use some of these thoughts as a springboard for a post of my own. Crediting you, of course.

I quite agree with your last thought - there is no hell. Although we can create something like it for ourselves. But that's our choice, not something imposed upon us.


Snake said...

Thank you Frenchy and Max for your comments!

Yes, we DO create our own Heaven or Hell . . .