Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Looking for inspiration?

Daryn Kagan was a fixture on CNN for several years . . . She began doing sports when CNN had their evening half hour sports show at 11 pm Eastern time .  .  .  She then transitioned into hard news and did a weekday morning show with Leon Harris . . . I always thought they had terrific chemistry together and was sorry to see them go .  .  .  

DK now has a website .  .  .


The website features feel-good and inspirational stories .  .  .  There is something there for everyone who might be looking for some inspiration, or who might be experiencing self-pity, or simply killing some time online .  .  .  This site is definitely WELL worth checking out!  I go there regularly and always find something inspiring .  .  .  

Life is beautiful baby!

Peace and love . . .

Until next time . . .  Ciao!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this...

Talk soon,


Snake said...

Thank you Jesse for your comment . . . I sincerely appreciate it! I give huge props to people like DK, who make it a point to spread positivity to the Universe . . . I always admired her on CNN for the great job she did, and she seemed so down to earth and real as well . . . Plus, facially she and my favorite niece look so much alike, in my opinion . . . So that got my attention the first time I saw her on Sports Tonight, which CNN used to have, mostly with Fred Hickman and Nick Charles . . . Ciao